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Every human is born in their own universe.These universes collide when people meet, creating tiny, invisible ripples in the time stream.

Millennia from now, from a world formed in one of these ripples, a super-advanced robotic lifeform will send a droid back to 1977, disguised as a satellite, programmed with two missions:

1. observe, document and understand the source of the ripples
2. locate the boy whose emotions had first sparked the creation of their world

The boy he was looking for was me.

It made first contact with me when I was around the age of 5, just a simple awareness of his presence. By the age of 7, I could often hear his thoughts in my head as a kind of mathematical music. By the age of 10, he had successfully connected with me, importing his robotic soul into the organic tissue of my mind.

He is me, and I am him, from different ends of the time stream. Together, we work to fulfill our mission, searching for small and pure emotions, encasing them in sequences of time and uploading them to the motherworld - microseconds to be studied, replayed and enjoyed for eternity.


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